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Buck VI™ - 66996Q7

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SKU 66996Q7-S

A sliding ‘X’ style, body belt and harness combo designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The body belt / harness combo features an ultra-soft, adjustable 6-D body belt™ that has the low-profile construction of a 2-D Body Belt, with the functionality of a 4-D stacked Body Belt, reducing surface area and weight overall!


  • The revolutionary patented multi-hole D-ring provides numerous points of connection for both your primary (WPFR) and secondary lanyard (s). The numerous points of connection allow the user to climb, work, and transition in several different configurations.
  • 2 ½” offset connection points prevents the WPFR device and secondary lanyard from binding on each other.
  • Center connection point provides the user with a larger area to connect and disconnect a secondary lanyard.
  • Offers an adjustable man-rated belt strap and an adjustable work positioning D-piece that allows the user to customize the size and feel of the belt.
  • Low profile construction of a 2-D Body Belt, with the functionality of a 4-D stacked Body Belt, reducing surface area and weight overall.
  • Y2 adjustment buckles on the D-rings and belt strap eliminate slippage during use.
  • Pouch tabs
  • Accessory ring and snap
  • Tape thong
  • Harness features a dorsal d-ring for lanyard attachment for fall protection / fall arrest.
  • QC buckle chest and leg straps.
  • Padded shoulder/back pad for added comfort.

Product Specifications:
Product Number: 66996Q7
Product Name: Buck VI™ - 66996Q7
Body Belt
Belt Buckle Type: Tongue Buckle
Belt Buckle Material: Steel
Number of D-rings: 2
# of Connection Points Per D-Ring: 3
Large Hole Diameter: 2 1/4″
Small Hole Diameter: 1″
D-ring Material: Steel
Adjustable: Yes
Belt Strap Material: Leather
Belt Back Pad Material: Leather
Thread Stitching: Nylon
Accessory Loops: No
Tape Thong: Yes
Removable Belt Strap: No
Full Floating D-rings: Yes
Tool Loops: Yes
Pouch Tabs: Yes
Back Pad Width: 5"
Belt Strap Width: 1.75″
66996Q7-S D-Ring Sizes 20, 21, 22, 23
66996Q7-M D-Ring Sizes 23, 24, 25, 26
66996Q7-L D-Ring Sizes 26, 27, 28, 29
66996Q7-X D-Ring Sizes 29, 30, 31, 32, 33
Thread / Stitching: Nylon
Product Type: Work Positioning
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. (when fully equipped)
Harness Material: Nylon
Chest Strap: Quick Connect Buckle
Leg Strap: Quick Connect Buckles
Thread Stitching: Nylon
Torso Adjustment: Yes
Dorsal Attachment: Aluminum D-Ring
Sternal Attachment Aluminum D-Ring
Shoulder/Back/Leg Pads: Shoulder / Back
Harness Type: X – Style
Rescue Loops: No
Trauma Straps: No
Size: S-X
Body Belt Attachment: Yes
Product Type: Fall Arrest / Fall Restraint
User Weight Capacity: Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.
Standards: ASTM F887
Overall Weight: 10 lbs.
Made in the USA: Yes

Instructions & Warnings:
Adjustable Body Belt Instructions
Harness Wearing Instructions