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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Aircraft Dynamics Black Widow Fiberglass Hollow Core Pole Bits

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SKU 2888

Fiberglass HC Pole Bits

Specifically designed for drilling through Hollow Core Utility Poles made from Fiberglass, Resin or Composite materials!

Because these bits are designed to eliminate bit whipping in the air gap of the hollow core structure and preventing distortion of the initial hole with proper in field exit hole alignment, you will easily create holes in hollow core poles, cross arms, supports, and braces. These bits are made with a short flute and rugged solid body configuration providing minimal debris.  NOTE: The Fiberglass "HC" Pole Bits for hollow core poles are not recommended for solid core poles and structures.  When drilling into solid core material please select our Robotool Fiberglass "SC" Solid Core Pole Bits.

Standard hex shank 7/16"