BuckHook™ Climbing Kit – KIT9-18


The BuckHook™ system is ideal for users in the Tower and Substation field, this system uses a shepherd’s hook attached to a fiberglass pole to fit over angle irons. Users will attach a lifeline with a rope grab to the head of the BuckHook™ and then attach a rope grab to oneself to give the user fall protection.

The BuckHook™ KIT includes all the components necessary for a “First man up” to have all the safety and fall protection needed to make a safe ascent. The Kit Includes:

  • BuckHook™ (50371U)
    • Offers fall protection during ascent and descent.
  • LifeLine (39S2Q2)
    • A 16ft. Lifeline- 7/16” – Semi Static Kernmantle Rope.
    • Stitched eye with steel thimble at one end.
    • Tight eye with a weighted bag on the other end.
  • Mobile Fall Arrestor (5004L4)
    • Fits 1/2” & 7/16” Kernmantle rope.
    • Made of Light aluminum alloy.
    • Rolling Cam for better braking.
    • The device moves freely during ascent and descent but locks up in the event of a fall.
    • Comes with Steel ANSI rated triple action carabiner.
  • Kit Carry Bag (45400R2-18)

*Order Model 5004L1 (ASAP LOCK) for another mobile fall arrest option with your Lifeline included with the Kit. The ASAP Lock was designed to facilitate manipulations during ascents.

*Usually ships within 7 to 10 days


Easy Steps for using the BuckHook™ system:

  1. Attach a short lifeline and mobile fall arrestor to the sternal attachment on the harness. For connecting lanyards longer than 12″ a shock pack should be attached to the dorsal attachment.
  2. Using the extension pole with BuckHook™ and 7/16″ or ½” non-stretch rope attached, lift and secure hook onto lattice so that the end of the pole is below foot level.
  3. Once in place, climb up near BuckHook™.
  4. Secure secondary positioning lanyard around the tower leg. Once secure, move BuckHook™ to the next highest point making sure the end of the pole is below the user’s feet.
  5. Once at the worksite user should secure an anchor sling to a suitable anchorage point. The primary vertical lifeline can then be attached to the anchor sling.
  6. Once the lifeline is installed, other climbers can connect their harness to a mobile fall arrester and ascend and descend the lifeline.

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