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BuckAdjuster™ with Black Tough Rope™ - 92E+R-8

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SKU 92E+R-8

The BuckAdjuster™ with Tough Rope™ is a new tough and lightweight version of Buckingham’s popular secondary lanyard, now available in black!

Key features include:

  • 11.65 MM. TrebleKern Tough Rope™ with a red wear indicator to alert the user of excessive wear.
  • This versatile lanyard can be used for positioning, suspension, or rescue.
  • Twisted eye length adjusting device (LAD) to properly orient it on the user’s body belt
  • A stitched eye on the tail of the rope allows the user to easily stow the excess tail on either the BuckTender (PN 2404) or Handline Carrier (PN 2402G).
  • A multi-colored snap hook allows users to easily distinguish it from the snaps on the SuperSqueeze™ or BuckSqueeze™.
  • The ANSI Z359.12 3600 lbf. rated gate aluminum hardware reduces the overall weight.
  • Maximum user weight of 350 lbs. when fully equipped.
  • Meets applicable ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM standards.
  • 8 ft in length.


**Upgrade to the new and improved Buck LeverJust™ with Black Tough Rope™




This lightweight Adjustable Positioning Lanyard (APL) has all-aluminum hardware and a wear-resistant TrebleKern rope. Buckingham’s new wear-resistant Tough Rope™ is constructed with an energy-absorbing nylon core, red braided polyester inner core cover (red wear indicator), and an abrasion and heat resistant Technora outer jacket that eliminates the need for a wear guard. No more jamming of your wear guard! This lightweight APL is easy to use and specially designed for use on Towers, Substation, and any structure where wear is an issue.


Product Specifications:
Product Number: 92E+R-8
Product Name: BuckAdjuster™ with Black Tough Rope™
Overall Length: 8'
Number of Legs: 1
Connector Type: Locking Snap Hook
Connector Material: Aluminum
Material Type: 11.65 mm Black TrebleKern Tough Rope™ 
Adjustable: Yes
Adjustable Type: Rope Grab™ 
Protector: No (TrebleKern Rope replaces the need for wear protector)
Protector Type: N/A
Red Wear Center: Yes
Weight: 2 lbs.
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. when fully equipped
Product Type: Work Positioning
Standards: Meets all applicable ANSI, OSHA and ASTM Standards, CSA Z259.11
Made in USA?: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
BuckAdjuster Instructions
Body Belts and Positioning Straps
Lanyard Instructions