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BuckBolt™ w/ 1" Anchor Thread - 3010Q

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SKU 3010Q


Buckingham offers a wide variety of BuckBolts™ and flanges designed to replace/retrofit existing step bolts with a 5,000lb. rated anchor point.


  • 1” diameter thread for installation.
  • 2 7/16” overall anchor thread
  • 8 ½” overall length
  • New OSHA requirement 1910.24(a) (7) states that “Each step bolt installed on or after January 17, 2017, must be capable of supporting at least four times its maximum intended load.” These BuckBolts™ meet or exceed this requirement.
  • BuckBolts™ are hot-dip galvanized to add a zinc coating that protects against corrosion in the field.
  • Designed with a large head at the end of the BuckBolt™ to prevent foot slippage, which meets or exceeds OSHA standard 1910.24(a)(2).
  • Has a 5” clear width, which exceeds OSHA standard 1910.24(a)(4).


Benefits of BuckBolts™:

  • Safety – safest method to climb a tower, particularly for the first man up.
  • Efficiency – On certain structures, angle iron can be very far apart, making it difficult to reach. Often times, one must climb up to connect then climb back down to disconnect the other leg of the lanyard. This takes twice the amount of climbing, which is time-consuming, tiring, difficult to do, and can lead to preventable injuries. With BuckBolts™, the user cuts their work in half.
  • OSHA Compliance – Compliant with the new OSHA requirement 1910.24(a) (7) that states each step bolt installed on or after 1/17/2017 must be capable of supporting at least four times its maximum intended load. Anchorage points on BuckBolts™and Flanges are rated to 5,000lbs.

BuckBolts™ Make Climbing Easier:

  • There is an engineered, fall protection rated anchorage point at each step along the climbing route allowing for quick, easy connection.
  • The connection is eye level while climbing allowing for easy connection and inspection of the anchorage.
  • The anchorage points allow for easy access for a rescue anchorage point.
  • The worker can access the work position without being fatigued.
  • Cost-effective

*By maximum intended load, we make the assumption that reference is being made to the maximum user weight rating for the component. Based upon the same and the 310-pound user weight rating of the ASTM F887 and ANSI Z359 standards for personal protection equipment, a four-times factor would require that our step bolts be able to support a minimum of 1240 pounds (i.e. 310 lbs. x 4). Because the weight rating of our full-body harness is 420 lbs. when fully equipped and used with an equivalent weight rated energy absorbing lanyard/accessories, we have also evaluated and found our step bolts additionally support a minimum of 1,680 pounds (i.e. 420 lbs. x 4). These results were obtained by static testing at the fall arrest attachment ring as well as at the step bolt end stop.

Product Specifications:

Product Number: 3010Q / 3010Q-4.5
Product Name: BuckBolts™ w/ 1" Anchor Thread
Material: Steel
Thread Diameter: 1"
Thread Length: 2 7/16" or 4-1/2"
Step Width: 3/4"
Head Width: 1 1/2"
Anchor Length: 2"
Anchor Eye Diameter: 1 1/4"
Clear Width (Footing): 5"
Coating: Hot Dip Galvanized
Total Length: 8 1/2" or 10 3/4"
Rated Anchorage Point: 5,000 lbs.
Weight: 2.95 lbs or 3.25 lbs

Meets and exceeds OSHA 1910.24 requirements and meets all applicable ANSI standards.


Instructions & Warnings:

BuckBolts One Sheet PDF