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Buckingham Buck Ladder Lock - 355BG9

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SKU 355BG9

Ladders and rounded poles are potentially dangerous combinations. Buckingham offers a safety solution that includes ladder safety straps that can be stored/enclosed in tough storage bags attached to your ladder for easy access. No more forgetting the safety straps in the vehicle or the garage. The straps are ready for deployment when the ladder goes.

  • 355BG9 comes with Bottom bag and Straps
  • Prevents Kick out and excessive rocking
  • Designed for Poles and Trees
  • Bags do not interfere with climbing space
  • Doesn’t interfere with ladder storage
  • Highly visible brightly colored bags to remind technicians of deployment.
  • Quick Access to Straps
  • Weather-resistant storage bags

Buckingham’s BLT (Buck Ladder Tether) is a perfect combination with 355 series Ladder Locks, This combination will provide you with all the safety features you need to stay comfortable and confident on the ladder. The BLT is a ladder mounted lifeline system that allows 100% fall protection for the user while ascending or descending.

Product Specifications

Product Number: 355BG9
Product Name: Buck Ladder Lock
Material: Vinyl
Height: 5.5"
Width: 14"
Color: Yellow
Closure Type: Hook & Loop Fastener
Attach Type: QC Buckles
Thread Material: Nylon
Material: Nylon Web
Length: 18
Width: 1"
Adjustment: Cam Buckle
Attach Type: Snap/Dee Ring
Color: Gold
Thread Material: Nylon
Product Type: Ladder / Fall Protection
User Weight Capacity: N/A
Overall Weight: 1.2 lbs
Standards: N/A
Made In USA: Yes

Product Videos

Buck Ladder Tether (DOWNLOAD)

Instructions & Warnings

355B Buck Ladder Lock Bottom Strap Instructions & Warnings