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A dual saw scabbard that features a large pocket designed to be used with curved blade pruning saws with up to a 24″ blade. The smaller pocket fits curved blade pruning saws with up to a 16″ blade. Large pocket measures 26″ L with a 21″ pocket depth. Small pocket measures 17″ L with a 16″ pocket depth. Available in leather or rubberized belting material.

Product Number: 6223
Product Name: Dual Saw Scabbard
Height: 26.5"
Width: 6"
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Number of Pockets: 2
Inside Pockets: 1
Inside Pocket Length: 26"
Inside Pocket Depth: 21"
Inside Pocket Accommodations: Up to 24" Saw Blade
Outside Pockets: 1
Outside Pocket Length: 17"
Outside Pocket Depth: 16"
Outside Pocket Accommodations: Up to 16" Curved Saw Blade
Material: Leather
2-Way Snap: No
Rain Flap: No
Back Straps / Shoulder Straps: No
Closure Tabs: N/A
Accessory Ring: Yes
Made in USA?: Yes