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Buckingham Man Rated Suspenders - 6251

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SKU 6251

Buck Man Rated Suspenders are easily attached to your body belt giving you and your tools the support needed for those long days in the field. These suspenders are ideal for someone who must carry around heavy tools and hardware all day. In some cases, the weight of your hardware or bulky tools and equipment can cause your body belt to be pulled down, causing uneven weight distribution, and chafing which can cause discomfort.

Order 6251Q1 (large) for suspenders that measure 24” longer in length for the taller individual.

*Body Belt not included.

By adding Buck’s easy attachable retrofit suspenders, the weight of your equipment is comfortably distributed throughout the shoulders while eliminating your body belt from sliding down when full of equipment. The most important advantage to these suspenders is that they will keep you in your body belt if you were to become inverted.

** Not to be used for fall restraint or fall protection. ** 


Product Specifications:
Product Number: 6251 / 6251Q1
Product Name: Man Rated Suspenders
Length: 78" / 102"
Material: 1 3/4" Nylon Web
Chest Strap: Interlocking Buckle
Chest Strap Connector: Hook & Loop
Chest Strap Style: H-Style
Shoulder Pads: No
Dorsal Chafe: Yes
Belt Connectors: Web Loop w/ Friction Buckle
Adjustable: Yes
Made in the USA?: Yes

Instructions & Warnings:
Man-Rated Suspenders - 230429