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The BuckLink™ Sling Kit was developed for the user to have 4 Slings, 5 Carabiners all in 1 Small Storage Bag. With the 4 Slings, they can make up a 4-Legged Sling if they want and use the Carabiners however they want. Whether it’s using the BuckLink™ Sling to rig an OX BLOCK or pulling wire and holding it up on a cross arm, this product is the ultimate daisy chain style anchor sling that should be found on every truck across America due to its endless uses. Throw in our Rigging Carabiner (5005S5), which is Ideal for use with all Ox Block products and you’ve got yourself a rigging kit!


Kit Includes:

  • BUCKLINK™ SLING (3903SQ2-6) – QTY: 4
  • Rigging Carabiner (5005S5) – QTY: 5

All packed in a 45400G10-12


Product Number: 3903S-6/3903SQ2-6/3903SQ2-8
Product Name: BuckLink™ Sling
Overall Length: 6ft or 8ft
Width: 3/4" Dyneema Webbing
Connector Material: Steel
Material Type: Dyneema
Weight: 1.5 lbs
MBS: MBS. Rating: Straight: 5,000 lbf. - Choked: 5,000 lbf. -Basket: 10,000 lbf.
WLL: MBS. Rating: Straight: 1,000 lbf. - Choked: 1,000 lbf. -Basket: 2,000 lbf.
Product Type: Sling
Link to Relevant Hardware: 1711 Snap
Made in USA?: Yes

Product Number: 45400G10-XX/45400B8-XX/45400G1-XX
Product Name: Mesh Equipment Bag
Color(s): Black, Green, BuckViz Green
Diameter: 9.5"
Length: 12"
Weight: 0.78 lbs.
Number of Pockets: 0
Outside Pockets: 0
Inside Pockets: 0
Pocket Material: N/A
Material: Mesh
2 Way Snap: No
Rain Flap: No
Back Straps / Shoulder Straps: No
Handles: 1" Nylon Web Handles
Closure Tab: Zipper
Bottom Material: Mesh
Made in USA?: Yes

Product Number: 5005S5
Option Number: N/A
Weight: 10.5 oz
Length: 4.68" (119mm)
Width: 3.07" (78mm)
Material: Alloy Steel
Diameter of Eye: No Eye
Gate Opening Capacity: 0.94" (24mm)
Gate Strength: 3600 lbs
Breaking Strength: 11,240 lbs (50KN)
WLL: 2,500 lbf. (11kN)
Other: Double Action (2)


Instructions & Warnings

Temporary Anchor Connector Instructions/Warnings

Rigging Carabiner Instructions