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BuckLoop™ Rigging Anchor Sling - 39002EB

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SKU 39002EB-24

BuckLoop™ Rigging Anchor Sling is an endless loop designed sling with an outer tubing (that acts as a built-in wear guard) over an inner red 1” webbing. If the outer webbing wears through or is cut, the inner red webbing becomes visible.

*Red inner webbing protrudes approx. 1/16” past the outer black tubing to allow for verification that the sling has a red inner web.

NOT for personal fall arrest

The BuckLoop™ Rigging Anchor Sling is available in 24”, 36” 48”, 60”, and 72” models.

Can be used as a:

  • Line Re-Direct
  • Speedline Rigging System
  • Choker Strap
  • Foot Loop
  • Handle

The BuckLoop™ Rigging Anchor Sling even with its lightweight design still has a heavy-duty construction that features a high strength rating and integrated edge protection, making this sling ideal for tower use. It can be used in a straight, choked, or basket configuration without concern that the sling configuration has de-rated the sling itself. 


Product Specifications:
Product Name: Buckloop™ Rigging Anchor Sling
Product Number: 39002EB
Lengths: 24", 36", 48", 60", 72"
Width: 1 3/16"
Outer Material: 1 3/16" Tubing
Inner Material: 1” red nylon webbing
Weight: 2 - 8 oz
Wear Indicator: Yes
Straight MBS: MBS: 11,500 lbf. (51 kN)
Choked MBS: MBS: 10,500 lbf. (46 kN)
Basket MBS: MBS: 18,000 lbf. (80 kN)
Straight WLL: 2,300 lbf. (10 kN)
Choked WLL: 2,100 lbf. (9 kN)
Basket WLL: 3,600 lbf. (16 kN)
Made in the USA?: Yes

Instructions & Warnings:

Temporary Anchor Instructions