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BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ X-Style Harness with Pigtail - U603A8Q22

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SKU U603A8Q22

The X-Style BuckOhm™ Dielectric Harness was designed for working under conditions with electrical hazards, making this a great option for substation and other linemen work. The Pigtail option allows for easier connection and disconnection from your lanyard and allows you to store the lanyard in the bucket.

*ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements & ANSI Z359, OSHA 1926.954(b)(1)(ii)


Dielectric hardware eliminates the potential of static electricity being transferred thru steel hardware if working around an energized conductor in wet or damp conditions. Also, Dielectric hardware has better resistance to corrosion in extreme conditions (hot or salty air environments).

Harness features:

  • 9KV rated Dielectric hardware.
  • Dielectric quick connect buckle chest strap and leg straps for easy donning.
  • Web loop sternal attachment.
  • Dorsal pig tail attachment.
  • Dielectric quick connect buckle chest strap for easy donning.
  • Arc rated shoulder, back and leg pads for added comfort.
  • Dual lanyard parking attachments.

Product Specifications:

Product Number: U603A8Q22
Product Name: BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ X-Style Harness with Pigtail
Material: Nylon
Chest Strap: X-Style w/ Dielectric Quick Connect Buckle
Leg Strap: Dielectric Quick Connect Buckle
Thread Stitching: Nylon
Torso Adjustment: Yes
Dorsal Adjustment: Yes
Shoulder/Leg Pads: Yes: Shoulder & Leg
Shoulder/Leg Pad Type: FR
Harness Type: X-Style
Dorsal Attachment: Pigtail
Frontal Attachments: Web Sternal Attachment Loop
Retrieval Attachments: No
Size: Universal
Positioning D-rings: No
Body Belt Attachment: No
Dual Trauma Straps: Yes – BuckStep™ 2.0
Product Type: Fall Arrest / Fall Restraint
User Weight Capacity: Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Standards: ASTM F887, ANSI Z359, OSHA 1926.954(b)(1)(ii)
Made in the USA: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
Harness Sizing Chart
Harness Wearing Instructions
Suspension Trauma Rescue System Instructions
Harness Retrofit Pad Attachment Instructions & Warnings