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Buckingham Classic Versatile Saddle - 1293

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The Classic Saddle Series provide one accessory ring for first aid and two accessory loops. Designed with forged medium dee rings, interlocking leg strap buckles and suspender connection loops. 7″ Tuff Duck covered back support provides saddle rigidity. Multiple friction buckles for easy adjustments and positive locking provides user an ideal center of gravity. Two rugged and versatile handsaw snaps and heavy duty elastic extensions for leg pads or batten seat. A Classic Versatile ArborMaster® saddle that has five loops for overhead suspension and a batten seat. Comes with a friction buckle waist closure.

Model Number: 1293
Product Name: Classic Versatile Saddle
Waist & Leg Strap Type: Step in waist belt / Interlocking Buckles
Leg Pads: No
Number of D-Rings: 2
D-Ring Material: Steel
Waist Strap Material: Nylon
Bridge Type: Web Bridge
Bridge Material: Nylon Web
Accessory Snaps: 2
Accessory Rings: 2
Accessory Loops: Yes
Number of Accessory Loops/Hangers: 2
Connection Loops: 5
Full Floating Suspension Ring: N/A
Batten Seat: Yes
Back Pad Width: 7"
Waist Strap Width 1.75"
Thread/Stitching: Nylon
User Weight Capacity: Rated to 350 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.
Weight: 6 lbs.
Standards: ASTM F887
Handmade in the USA: Yes