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The Guide XL carabiner with an automatic twist-lock closure offers many of the same benefits as a standard asymmetrical D style carabiner but with a larger gate opening.


The Guide XL is an oversized version of our popular Guide carabiner with a unique shape that gives it an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and a huge gate opening for easy handling with ropes and rigging. An excellent choice for anchors and rigging.

Product Features:

  • Automatic lock requires two actions (twist and pull) to open
  • Easy to operate with one hand thanks to a knurled gate
  • Large gate opening and keylock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy

Height (mm) : 117
Width (mm): 75
Gate Opening (mm): 24
Major Axis (kN): 28
Minor Axis (kN): 9
Open Gate (kN): 8
Weight: 86g, 3.0oz
Lock Type: Twist Lock
Material: Aluminum Alloy