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Buck High Elevation Self-Rescue System - 101SR

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SKU 101SR-50

The Buckingham 101SR provides all the components required to self-rescue or if the need arises to rescue a fellow employee. The 101SR descender will automatically stop the user until the user compresses the handle allowing a smooth controlled descent.

*In compliance with the ANSI Z359.4 standard, PN 101SR series has a user weight limit of 130 to 310 lbs. when fully equipped.

*Outside of the ANSI Z359.4 compliance this system can be used as follows:

  • Exceptional cases like an accompanied descent (i.e. hurt man rescue): 440 lbs. (200 kg) maximum, when fully equipped. This method of rescue can only be used by rescuers specially trained in this technique.
  • Single person load of 420 lbs. (190.5 kg) maximum, when fully equipped and when used with an equivalently rated harness/accessories.
Available Lengths
  • 101SR-50 - 50'
  • 101SR-75 - 75'
  • 101SR-100 - 100'

An additional built-in (anti-panic) safety feature stops descent if the user compresses the handle too hard. This unit will allow the rescuer the advantage of lowering a hurt person with ease as well. The 101SR kit comes with retrofit rappelling straps that can be added to an existing harness for self-rescue. Replacement bag can be found here 4563

    Product Specifications:

    Product Number: 101SR
    Material: Nylon/1/2" Rope
    Thread Stitching: Nylon
    Anchor Type: Locking SnapHook
    Descender: Yes/Anthron DSD
    Attachment Type: Triple Locking Carabiner / Interlocking Buckle
    Rope Length: 50', 100'
    Weight Rating: 310 lbs
    Weight: 11.18 lbs
    Standards: ANSI Z359.4
    Made in USA: Yes


    Instructions & Warnings:

    101SR Self Rescue Kit Instructions
    Descender Instructions
    A1 Retro Instructions & Warnings
    Locking Snaphook Inspection Procedure