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FREE SHIPPING on orders $499+

Hydraulic Utility Pole Puller - (140-4001D)

by Tiiger
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SKU 140-4001D

TiiGER 4001D hydraulic pole puller. Remove wood poles and metal poles (with the optional clamshell – see below) safely and efficiently with the TiiGER® Hydraulic Pole Puller. At 57 pounds, our Pole Puller is the lightest and safest on the market. Utilizing a swivel and backplate, a chain provides maximum grip as the hydraulic cylinder removes the pole. The low attachment point allows the chain and backplate to grip cut poles up to 14” from the ground. To minimize tip-ping, the base plate has the lowest possible center of gravity. The TiiGER 4001D Pole Puller can be disassembled for easy transport and storage. Includes Hydraulic Cylinder.

To safely remove metal poles TiiGER offers 3 sizes of clamshell attachments for metal pole pulling.

  • Reduces injury associated with using a boom truck
  • Reduce boom damage & maintenance costs from pulling poles
  • Increase productivity by saving time
  • Hook assembly manufactured with all stainless steel components
  • 1/2” alloy chain is proof-tested for durability and strength
  • Ultra-lightweight cylinder is only 57 pounds with a lifting capacity of 50,120 pounds.

Steel Pole Clamshell – Diameter: 8” to 12” Click here to view

Steel Pole Clamshell – Diameter: 12” to 16” Click here to view

Steel Pole Clamshell – Diameter: 16” to 20” Click here to view

Click Here to see the Pole Puller Video