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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Jameson CompositLock Limb / Wire Raiser

by Jameson
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Limb & Wire Raiser with CompositLock™ Ferrule places cable on rollers, construction blocks and hardware during line construction. Conveniently pulls or lifts branches out of dense foilage. CompositLock™ non-conductive composite ferrules, enhance dielectric strength from top-to-bottom, improving user safety while performing tree trimming and line-clearance around overhead utility lines. Jameson CompositLock™ Poles maintain insulating properties across pole sections for line-clearance tree work, PLUS offer more secure pole connection for telecommunication, line clearance, arborist and landscape professionals.


  • Place cable during line construction
  • Pull or lift branches
  • Not for use on or near live wires.
  • For use with Jameson CompositLock poles


CompositLock™ Fiberglass Poles Brochure