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Leading Edge Retractable Kit - KIT190

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A Leading-Edge fall protection kit that features a lightweight 30’ steel cable Bucklimiter™ retractable lifeline and the BuckTriever™ full-body harness.

The 5206-30 meets the ANSI Z359.14-2014 standard and is marked to 310 lbs. with a Class B rating.

The leading-edge retractable lifeline was designed for providing protection to the user in leading edge applications, especially when working near sharp edges, while the BuckTriever™ full-body harness was designed specifically for confined space rescue situations.


Retractable features:

  • The 30’ steel cable Bucklimiter™ retractable lifeline is particularly meant for providing Leading Edge protection to the user when working horizontally near sharp edges.
  • Constructed in such a way that if subjected to contact with a sharp edge in the event of a fall, the retracted lanyard remains intact, while arresting the fall immediately.
  • Equipped with an external shock pack (with protective cover) which reduces the dynamic load impact felt on the user in the event of a fall, reducing the impact of fall average arresting forces to less than 900 lbs.
  • Steel locking snap hook lifeline connector – 1706.
  • Light, yet rugged composite housing.


Harness features:

  • The harness comes w/an energy-absorbing lanyard breakaway attachment (ensure ANSI compliance if removing back pad) & leg strap retainers to use if needed.
  • Web loop sternal attachment.
  • Quick connect legs straps for easy donning.
  • 3 reflective retrieval loops.
  • 2 reflective loops at hips.
  • Padded leg and shoulder straps.



Product Specifications:
Part Number: KIT190
Part Name: Leading Edge Retractable Kit
Product Number: 603S8Q211
Product Name: The BuckTriever™
Material: Nylon
Chest Strap: Interlocking
Leg Strap: Quick Connect
Thread Stitching: Nylon
Torso Adjustment: No
Dorsal Attachment: Nylon Web Reflective Strap
Shoulder/Leg Pads: Yes
Shoulder/Leg Pad Type: Padding
Harness Type: X
Frontal Attachments: Yes
Retrieval Attachments: Yes
Size: Small – X-Large
Positioning D-rings: No
Body Belt Attachment: No
Product Type: Retrieval
User Weight Capacity: 130 – 310 lbs.
Weight: 4 lbs.
Standards: ASTM F887, ANSI Z359
Made in the USA?: Yes
Product Number: 5206-30
Product Name: 30' Steel Cable Leading Edge BuckLimiter™
Housing Type: Composite
Lifeline Material: 3/16" Steel Cable
Length: 30'
Connector / Housing: None
Connector / Lifeline: Steel Swivel Locking Snaphook – 1704
Shock Absorbing Pack: Yes - 6'
Product Type: Fall Arrest
User Weight Capacity: 310 lbs; Class B rating.
Weight: 9.3 lbs.
Standards: ANSI Z359.14
Made in the USA?: Yes



Instructions & Warnings:
Harness Wearing Instructions
5206 Series Instructions