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Pocketed Rope Bridge Replacement for Agility™ Saddle - W5-46

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SKU W5-46

A replacement pocketed rope bridge constructed from 3/8” static rope that is tied on each end using a double fisherman knot. The sewn pockets give you an assortment of rated connection points for various climbing techniques allowing you to put yourself in the best possible position.

Compatible with the Agility Saddle.

The rope bridge is made with approved tree climbing rope with the minimum required tail length labels.

Product Specifications

Part Number W5-46
Product Name: Pocketed Rope Bridge Replacement for Agility™ Saddle
Material: 3/8″ Static Rope (Black w/ green tracer)
Minimum Required Tail Length Labels: Yes (3″ minimum tail labels)
Bridge connection type: Aluminum rigging paws
Suspension ring: Aluminum suspension ring (not included w/ replacement bridge)
Compatible Saddles: 1480
Made in the USA: Yes

Instructions & Warnings