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Non-Tethered Confined Space Rescue Kit - 105Q2-30

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SKU 105Q2-30

This unique system allows for a rescue to be accomplished without having to send additional personnel into the hazardous area.

Leveling Legs may also be found on our website at (84640LE12).

Usually ships within 7 - 14 days. 

Entrant suited with a full body harness (No.603S8Q211) enters the confined space without being tethered. For rescue the attendant/rescuer uses the rescue line system (39SAM13Q9-30). The rescue line equipped with a carabiner is attached to a 16 telescopic pole via the telescopic pole adaptor (Model 40). The adaptor releases the carabiner once the rescuer locates one of four reflective rescue loops, "hooks" into a loop and pulls back on the pole. The rescue line is then tied on to the winch and the rescuer then proceeds to raise the victim. Rescue Kit includes: manhole guard, winch, 39SAM13Q9-30 Rescue Line Kit and 16 telescopic fiberglass pole [not pictured]. Model 39SAM13Q9-30 Rescue Line Kit includes two 30 rescue lines, Model 40 telescopic pole adaptor and rope bag.

Leg extension levelers are available (84640LE12).

Retrieval Line Instructions

Tethered Confined Space Rescue (DOWNLOAD)

Non-Tethered Confined Space Rescue (DOWNLOAD)