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Shoulder Shot (98-619175669211)

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SKU 98-619175669211

Arborist and Energy Throw Line Launcher

This product is used in energy companies for maintenance and rescue, and tree trimming in the arborist community. The product can reach a vertical distance of 250+ feet with high accuracy with a 12oz bean bag. This model has the ability to be connected with the reel attachment for long-distance shots (found in the accessory section). The shoulder shot is solid stainless steel and all non-corrosive material.

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Unlike certain products, this does not use black powder which is illegal in most states and city use. This product does not use dangerous rubber bands that can wear down and Break.

the shoulder shot comes with a built-in spring-loaded safety on the valve release handle that prevents any accidental miss fires. The air chamber can be refilled very quickly with a handheld air pump or small compressor.


The shoulder Shot is preferable for owner-operated, or independent contractors familiar with the arborist industry who are not concerned with the presence of a safety on the product.

This product comes with the following items:

  • Air chamber/valve unit
  • Removable Schedule 40 clear 28″ barrel