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Steel Pole GRiP™ Climber Kit with Straight Cushion Wrap Pads w/ Continuous Wrap - SBG94K8V-BL

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A steel pole climber kit that features our durable steel climbers, continuous wrap cushion climber pads, hook and loop foot straps and magnetic gaff guards. The climbers have a contoured shank, offset stirrup, and dowel & screw style replaceable gaff.

NOW features Buckingham’s patented GRiP™ technology that keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole, which reduces cutouts and maximizes comfort.

*The climbers are rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887 standards.


GRiP™ technology features & benefits:

  • GRiP™ Technology keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the tree.
  • GRiP™ Technology aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.
  • GRiP™ Technology also allows optimum gaff placement on the tree and promotes ease of climbing.
  • Also allows for deeper penetration into tree/bark without having to adjust your foot to make it happen. Just climb naturally and your gaff will get consistent deeper penetration.

Kit Includes:

  • 3500 Cushion wrap pad w/ continuous wrap
  • 21401C Hook & loop foot straps.
  • 6909M2 Magnetic gaff guard.


Product Specifications:
Product Number: SBG94K8V-BL
Product Name: Steel Pole GRiP™ Climber Kit with Straight Cushion Wrap Pads w/ Continuous Wrap
Climber Material: Steel
Gaff Type: Pole
Gaff Material: Steel
Gaff Attachment Type: Screw & Dowel
Gaff Angle: 16 Degrees
Gaff Guard: Yes / Model No: 6909M2 (magnetic gaff guard)
Foot Straps: Yes / Model No: 21401C-BL (hook & loop)
Foot Strap Length – Strapped: 17″
Foot strap Length – Unstrapped: 29″
Leg Straps: No
Climber Pads: Yes – Model No: 3500-BL
GRiP Technology: Yes
Shank Type: Contoured
Stirrup Type: Offset
Stirrup Width: Standard- 4 1/2″
Sleeve Length: 1-3/4″
Gaff Length: Standard
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Standards: ASTM F887
Made in the USA?: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
Cushion Wrap Pad Instructions
Climber Instructions
Climber Pads Instructions
Magnetic Gaff Guard Instructions & Warnings
Hook and Loop Climber Footstraps Instructions
Climber Sleeve Insert Installation Instructions