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SuperBase™ Anchor - 65-10

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SKU 65-10

The SuperBase™ Anchor developed with the team at ArborMaster® Outfitters is an adjustable Basal / Base anchor that is used for anchoring an Arborist’s climbing line at the base of the tree and may be set up in multiple configurations. Constructed from 7/16” rope with 6” stitched pockets for an easy and safe connection!


  • 16 stitched pockets total that allow the user to maximize adjustability.
  • Compatible with a figure 8 on a bite stopper knot and spliced eye capture configurations.
  • Multiple Belay configurations including knot pass through options.
  • Extremely versatile tool with endless options as a Basal Anchor system.


Setting up the anchor at the base of the tree also allows the clumber to rig for rescue, allowing for a ground-based rescue in the event of an emergency.


  • SRT Climbing.
  • Works well with a Port-A-Wraps or other friction-brake lowering devices.
  • Rescue - ground based.

Instructions & Warnings:
SuperBase™ Anchor Instructions & Warnings