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Buckingham Mini Rescue Port-a-Wrap - 601MQ1

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SKU 601MQ1

The Mini Rescue Port-a-Wrap is a budget friendly SRT rescue device. Port-a-Wraps are a popular choice rope friction device and can be used in a variety of ways. The 20 Tenex sling and Port-a-Wrap combo gives you an economical and functional SRT basal rescue system.

  • The Mini Rescue Port-a-Wrap is a 6.5" "Mini" POW. Easily secures to the tree, giving the user an SRT basal rescue device. The Red color indicates that it is a dedicated device.
  • 20 Tenex Sling- a 12-strand single braid that offers high strength with low stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance. It is Samthane coated to provide abrasion resistance, enhance wear life, snag resistance, and increase ease of splicing.

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601 & 601L Series Port-a-Wrap Instructions

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