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Tough Rope™ BuckAdjuster™ and Tailing Kit - 92C+RQ1-8

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SKU 92C+RQ1-8

Buckingham’s popular Tough Rope™ secondary lanyard paired with two of our top devices to tail the end of your secondary, a gated handline carrier, a heavy duty gated handline carrier, and our BuckTender™.  

The BuckAdjuster™ with Tough Rope™ is a new tough and lightweight popular secondary lanyard. This lightweight Adjustable Positioning Lanyard (APL) has all-aluminum hardware and a wear-resistant TrebleKern Tough Rope™.

Product Specifications:
Product Number: 92C+RQ1-8
Product Name: Tough Rope™ BuckAdjuster™ and Tailing Kit
Product Number: 92C+R-8
Product Name: BuckAdjuster™ with Tough Rope™
Overall Length: 8′
Number of Legs: 1
Connector Type: Locking Snap Hook
Connector Material: Aluminum
Material Type: TrebleKern Tough Rope™
Adjustable: Yes
Adjustable Type: Rope Grab
Protector: No (TrebleKern Tough Rope™  replaces the need for wear protector)
Protector Type: N/A
Red Wear Center: Yes
Weight: 2 lbs.
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. when fully equipped
Product Type: Work Positioning
Standards: Meets all applicable ANSI, OSHA and ASTM Standards
Made in the USA?: Yes
Product Number: 2402G
Product Name: Gated Handline Carrier ©
Material: Polymer
Length: 4.75″
Width: 2.5″
Breaking Strength: 25 lbs
Breaking Strength When Gate is Closed: 35lbs
Weight: 10 oz
Made in the USA?: Yes
Model Number: 2404
Product Name: Bucktender (Single Leg)
Housing Type: Aluminum
Retractable Length: 4 ft
Carabiner Material: Aluminum
Carabiner Action: Single
Material: Leather & Nylon
Single/Double Leg: Single
Width: 3″
Length – Un-Retracted: 9″
Product Type: Body Belt Accessory
Weight: 3.4oz
Made in the USA?: Yes
Product Number: 2402GH
Product Name: Heavy-Duty Gated Handline Carrier ©
Material: Nylon
Length 4.75"
Width: 2.5"
Breaking Strength: 33 lbs.
Weight: 10 oz.
Made in USA?: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
BuckAdjuster Instructions
Handline Carrier Instructions
BuckTender Instructions & Warnings
Lanyard Instructions