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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Arc Tested Tough Rope™ Tethered Confined Space Rescue System - 105Q3

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This unique system allows for a rescue to be accomplished without having to send additional personnel into the hazardous area.

Entrant suited with a full-body harness (No.603S8Q211) enters the confined space with a lifeline (39Y13Q1-50) attached. The lifeline is attached to the manhole guard/rescue winch with a specially designed breakaway assembly. This device will release upon impact such as that of a vehicle which has entered the work zone and strikes the manhole guard. For rescue, the attendant/rescuer attaches the ascender to the winch line and proceeds to raise the victim. Featured lifeline is tested to 40 Cal/CM2 electrical arc exposure.

Rescue Kit includes:

  • Manhole guard
  • Winch
  • 39Y13Q1-30 Rescue Line Kit
  • 16′ telescopic fiberglass pole

Leg extension levelers are available (84640LE12).



Product Number: 39Y13Q1-50
Product Name: Lifeline
Rope Type: 11.5 mm treblekern rope
Rope Length: 50
Attachment Type: Locking Snaphook
Attachment Material: Steel
Ascender Type: ISC Mini Rope Grab
Made in the USA: Yes
Telescopic Pole
Length: 16
Extended Length: 16 9"
Retracted Length: 5
Base Diameter: 1.6"
Weight: 5 lbs.
Made in the USA: Yes