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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

TWISTARP™ 10X10R (10’ x 10’) - (98-T1010R)

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SKU 98-T1010R
A TWISTARP™ is a wide flat lifting sling that is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit your needs. TWISTARP™ is an inexpensive tool that will lessen the physically demanding efforts of utility workers in the field, making their job easier, cleaner and faster. This means the worker can accomplish more in a given amount of time, saving the utility company money on a continuing basis. Reduces muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries by improving work position and eliminating high repetitive forces associated with the demanding physical labor. The tarp and the truck or backhoe do the backbreaking work. The job is done more safely and with less physical effort, reducing exhaustion and injuries to the employee.
Model Number 98-T1010R

10’ x 10’ (3.05M x 3.05M)

Lifting Capacity 5,000 LBS Certified