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Web Lanyard - 7VV112

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SKU 7VV112

A fixed-length lanyard constructed of 1" wide polyester web.

*Also available in a 4’ and 6 option.

Features a steel locking snap hook on both ends for attachment purposes.

Product Specifications:
Product Number: 7VV112
Product Name: Web Lanyard
Overall Length: 2"
Number of Legs: 0
Material Type: Polyester Web
Adjustable: No
Protector: No
Protector Type: N/A
Red Wear Center: No
Attachment Type: 1706 Locking Snaphook
Snaphook Material: Steel
Weight: 2 lbs.
Made in the USA: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
Lanyard Instructions
Locking Snaphook Inspection Procedure