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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

6-Slot BoxLocker By Journeyman Gear - BL9906

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SKU BL9906
  •   Designed to hold up to 30 box connectors but will also accommodate endless other tools & hardware that we need on every pole.
  •  Features a chainsaw slot on the back side because all linemen love to just slide our chainsaw bars down between our tool boards or bags and the bucket liner, which quickly tears up whatever fabric its rubbing against. The BoxLocker fixes that issue. It has oval hook holes to allow for installation and removal from bucket hooks without having to tilt the tool, preventing items from falling out accidentally. 

This tool will keep us from having to carry connectors in the unsafe and unorganized manner as they are now, piled up in our hands, hardhats, shirt tails, and shirt pockets. With the BoxLocker we can easily carry it one handed down to restock it from our truck bins or storerooms. For all you servicemen out there working alone, it will definitely cut down on wasted trips up and down while having to climb in and out of the bucket just for another connector. We designed the front slots to be as large as possible to allow connectors to be retrieved easily while wearing rubber gloves. 


  • Just like all of our tools, this is manufactured out of extreme duty light weight plastic thats designed to last your whole career.
  • If one of my tools breaks from normal use, Journeyman Gear will replace it free. Period. Thats our promise.