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6’ Mini BuckLimiter™ - 6009-64AA

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Buckingham’s popular BuckLimiter™ retractable has a new look and size! This new 6’ Mini BuckLimiter™ gives you all the convenience of the original BuckLimiter™ in a smaller, compact, and lightweight design. The Mini BuckLimiter™ retractable is built to last! This design is constructed with a lightweight corrosion-resistant housing and mechanism for durability in all weather conditions.

The 6009-64AA meets the ANSI Z359.14-2021 standard and is marked to 420 lbs. as a Class 1 device.

Other features include:

  • Braking system that was designed for smooth consistent operation to prevent “jerky” lock-ups
  • Other retractables on the market use plastic housings; Buckinghams Mini Bucklimiter is made from a durable alloy housing/mechanisms which lengthen the life of the device
  • 6’ retractable- smallest lightweight Bucklimiter™ we offer!
  • 3600 lb. gate hardware - Housing Connector (5555S3) / Webbing Connector (5555S3)
  • Tangle-free swivel top to add mobility
  • 3/4" Dyneema polymer fiber webbing that is up to 15x stronger than steel
  • Resistant to moisture, abrasions, UV light and chemicals
  • Meets ANSI Z359.14 and all applicable OSHA requirements



Product Number: 6009-64AA
Product Name: 6’ Mini BuckLimiter™
Housing Type: Thermoplastic
Housing Height: 5"
Housing Width: 2.8"
Material: 3/4" Dyneema
Retractable Length: 6 Linear Foot
Connector / Housing: Triple Action Carabiner - 5555S3
Connector / Webbing: Triple Action Carabiner -5555S3
Product Type: Fall Arrest
User Weight Capacity: 420lbs
Weight: 2lbs without hardware
Standards: ANSI Z359.14 Class B / ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 1
Made in USA?: Yes