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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Bierer 300KV Analog Voltage Detector (50-VDA0300)

by Bierer
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SKU 50-VDA0300


  •  A wide range transmission and distribution voltage detector
  •  Widest and highest voltage range available in a single voltage detector
  •  2.4kV - 300kV line to ground (4kv - 500kV Phase to Phase) Voltage range
  •  For Overhead and URD applications
  •  Meter is passive, battery is only required for the test position
  •  A linear/Logarithmic scale for better resolution from distribution to transmission systems
  •  Meter is designed to read approximate nominal or induced voltage line to ground
  •  Easy-to-Use detector requires no voltage scale selectors or multipliers
  •  Meter is water resistant and a strong construction to withstand wear
  •  Meter is contained in a durable padded case