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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Climber Shield - 10C/10CQ2

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The Buck Heel Guards help to prevent gaff wounds in the ankle area when climbing. Manufactured from 2 ply coated PVC belting for durability.

10C: 7” L x 5.5” W

10CQ2: 8” L x 6.5” W 

  • Heel cover protects the lower leg/ankle area.
  • PVC belting coated webbing is durable and comfortable.
  • Compatible with both one and two-piece nylon foot straps and Buckingham’s hook and loop foot straps as well.
  • NOT compatible with the Fast Strap quick connect buckle foot straps.
  • One size fit most.
  • Sold in pairs.


Product Specifications

Product Number: 10C/10CQ2
Product Name: Buck Climber Heel Cover
10C Dimensions: 7” L x 5.5” W
10Q2C Dimensions: 8” L x 6.5” W
Weight: 9.0 oz. (Pair) 4.8 oz. (Single Piece)
Attachment Type Barrel Nut/Climber Foot Strap
Material: Belting material.
Made in USA?: Yes

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Instructions & Warnings:
Climber Shield / Heel Guard Instructions