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Buck multi-purpose-lanyard - 7C08DQ1-16

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SKU 7C08DQ1-16

 The Buck M.P.L is a multipurpose lanyard; like the BuckUp lanyard, this is one of the most versatile lanyards available on the market. After talking with some arborist, we wanted to give users the option between the Buck M.P.L and the BuckUp lanyard. The Buck M.P.L doesn’t give you all the options of the BuckUp lanyard but still gives you a truly versatile work positioning lanyard. This lanyard features numerous connection points for easy one-handed adjustability as a work positing device or can be used as a mobile anchor point for rescue and creating mechanical advantage. This work positioning system allows for easy adaptation to any climbing style or need and is ready for any situation you might find your self in out in the field.


  • Easily connect to your forward D-rings on your saddle and make easy one hand length adjustments as a work positioning lanyard.
  • Create a streamline running rope configuration with a simple flip of your line over an anchor point on the tree and a connection from your pinto pulley to a central “rated” point on the front of your saddle.
  • Prusik loop with thimble creates additional anchoring options.
  • Create a second climbing line with a simple connection to your bridge anchor point.
  • Easily tend slack with one hand with the pinto pulley and progress capturer prusik.
  • Low friction creates easy adjustments.
  • Create a mechanical advantage for things like rescue with the use of the pinto pulley and thimble.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Hardware

Comes with:

  • 16” 3/8” Prusik
  • 13” 3/8” Cord with Thimble attachment (for additional anchor point).
  • DMM Pinto Pulley.
  • 2 Carabiners.


Product Specifications:

Model Number: 7C08DQ1-16
Product Name: Buck Multi-Purpose-Lanyard
Overall Length: 16
Connector Type:
2 Oval Carabiners, 1 Thimble, 1 Pinto Pulley
Connector Material:
Aluminum carabiners, 1 Steel Thimble, 1 Aluminum Pinto Pulley.
Material Type: Rope
Adjustable: Yes
Adjustable Type: Prusiks/Pulley
Number of Prusiks 2
Prusik Material 3/8" WarpSpeed
Red Wear Center: Yes
Weight: 2.5 lbs
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Product Type: Arborist, Work Positioning
Standards: N/A
Made in USA? YES


Instructions & Warnings:
Lanyard Instructions 
P7J & P9J Series Prusik Loop Instructions & Warnings