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BuckEscape™ Training Kit - 302AFTKIT-65

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Buckingham’s training version of the BuckEscape™ Kit features all the major components from the BuckEscape™ Kit but is designed specifically for training purposes.

Ideal for troubleshooters and single-man crews.

For training purposes only.

For re-useable training lanyard order 6VV115R3S2.

For descender kit order 302AF-65.

A self-rescue system (302AF-65) unit that features:

  • Descender made of light-weight aircraft grade aluminum features an anti-panic release brake, which will stop the descender if the user releases or compresses the descender all the way, making this the go-to product for all your self-rescue situations.
  • 65’ (19.8 m) of compact TVAC descent line measuring only ¼” (6.8mm) and stands up to heat on long descents.
  • 3,600 lb. rated gate steel snap hook.
  • 3,600 lb. rated gate steel carabiner.
  • This product has a user weight limit of 130 to 310 lbs. (59 to 140 kg) when fully equipped.
  • Tested to Requirements of ANSI Z359.4

**Note: Bag Material withstands 40cal/cm2 electric arc exposure.


BuckEscape Training Lanyard (6VV115R3S2):

The BuckEscape™ training lanyard is a re-usable energy absorbing lanyard with a shock pack that features an aluminum snap hook on each end for use with a full-body harness with a dorsal attachment. All components are packed into the outer pack with a hook and loop closure that allows the user to repack for reuse.


  • The shock pack will deploy the internal contents around 600 lbs. of applied force, but in the case that not enough force was applied a strap is provided that will allow you to deploy the internal contents yourself.
  • The internal contents consist of a bent D-ring, 2 relief ladder straps and a relief ladder adjustment strap to ascend yourself into the ladder straps, minimizing suspension trauma.
Part Number: 302AFTKIT-65
Product Name: BuckEscape™ Training Kit
Kit Weight: 7.23 lbs.
Kit Applicable Standards: ANSI Z359.4
Kit Weight Limit: 310 lbs. 140 kg.
Made in the USA? Yes
Rope Product Specifications:
Rope: 6.8 mm (1/4") TVac Rope, 6.8 mm T-Vac is a high strength specialty cord that features a Technora sheath and nylon core.
MBS: 3,619 lb. / 16.1kN
Rated: 310 lbs.
Connector: 3,600 lb. rated gate steel locking snap hook (1718)
Descent Device:
Length: 6″
Width: 2″
MBS: 3,035 lb. / 13.5 kN.
Weight: 6.0 oz.
Connector: 3,600 lb. rated gate aluminum carabiner (5555S4)
Storage Bag:
Part Name: BuckEscape™ Replacement Bag
Part Number: 302B-65
Length: 13"
Width: 7"
Inside Pockets: 1
Internal Tie-off Loop: Yes
Bag Material: 11oz. Navajo FR fabric
Bag Stiffener: Yes
Attachment Type: Fastener Loops (4)
Closure Type: Hook/Loop & Snaps
Energy Absorbing Lanyard
Product Number: 6VV115R3S2
Product Name: BuckEscape™ Lanyard
Overall Length: 5
Outer Material: 1" Nylon and Navajo FR
Inner Material: 1" Nylon Web
Adjustable: No
Shock Pack: Yes
Shock Pack Length: 16"
Protector: Yes
Protector Type: 11 oz Navajo FR Fabric
Red Wear Center: Yes
Primary Attachment Type: Locking Snaphook
Primary Attachment Material: Steel
Weight: 3.23 lbs.
Single Use: Yes
Standards: ANSI Z359.13 & ASTM F887 Electric Arc Flash
Made in the USA?: Yes


BuckEscape - After Fall / Disabled Bucket – Self-Rescue System 

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