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Buckingham Blood Stopper - 4600D1G9

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SKU 4600G9S3

Quickly attaches to any Buckingham saddle or body belt!


  • D-ring
    • Can easily be clipped to any accessory snap or gear loops on the saddle/belt.
  • Snap
    • The small aluminum snap may be clipped to any accessory ring or gear loops/hangers on the saddle/belt.
  • Web Loop
    • The web loop may be hooked to any accessory snap, carabiner, or be girth hitched with an accessory strap.
  • Snap & Web Loop 
    • Has the convenience of two separate attachment types.

Contains one large blood stopper to control bleeding until the victim can be administered First Aid on the ground. These are new and improved versions of the blood stopper kit. Previous part numbers include 4600D1Y, 4600S3Y, 4600NY, 4600NS3Y.

Product Specifications:

Product Number: 4600D1G9/4600G9NS3/4600G9N/4600G9S3
Previous PN: 4600D1Y/4600S3Y/4600NY/4600NS3Y
Product Name: Blood Stopper
Length: 5.5"
Width: 3.5"
Weight: 3.5 oz.
Material: Vinyl
Attachment Type: Varies
Closure: Varies
Made in USA?: Yes