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Buckingham BuckBlocks™ Rigging System - 5006L

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SKU 5006L

The Buckingham BuckBlocks™ rigging system was designed to reduce premature wear on climbing lines and eliminate damage to tree limbs normally caused by excess friction! This system allows the user to install the blocks high into a tree without climbing: the blocks are set, and removed, from the ground or another tree using a plastic ball, a throw line and throw bag.

  • The dual housings are color coded to distinguish which block has the small opening to anchor the plastic ball for setup and removal.
  • Once set, the two-part rope channel snaps together using powerful magnets inset within the system’s self-aligning frame.
  • When installed, the BuckBlocks™ Rigging System creates a basket style hitch which results in evenly loading the two legs of the sling.
  • The design is lightweight
  • Provides a better bend radius for rope
  • Improved running surface with its dual rotating sheaves.
  • Rope sling can easily be replaced.

*Designed in conjunction with Arborists Scott Winningham and Scott Prophett. The BuckBlocks™ Rigging System is rated to a working load limit of 3 tons. Sheave capacity: 5/8″ rope.