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Hurt man bucket truck rescue system – 3813

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Lifting an unconscious worker from an aerial basket can be nearly impossible, which is why Buckingham has developed the Hurt Man Bucket Rescue System. This system is ideal for easily lifting an injured victim out of an aerial basket.

*New version available: 3813D1Q6.


The water resistant bag is designed to be mounted on the boom where it can be easily accessed in the event of a rescue. A specially designed deployment strap allows the bag to mounted higher on the boom, ensuring the victims feet will clear the lip of the basket, while still providing easy accessibility to the rescuer, allowing them to deploy the components of the system from the bag.

  • Pulleys are made of marine grade stainless steel and provide a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage
  • A 7/16″ diameter braided rope allows for up to a 20’ lift and reduces twisting of the pulleys
  • The larger diameter rope also provides the rescuer a better grip while lifting, even when wearing gloves

3813 – 3813D1 Instructions & Warnings