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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Buckingham Ox Block Adjustable Sling - 39078TAG1

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SKU 39078TAG1-4

- 5/8" Adjustable Sling for use with the Ox-Block™.

Product Specifications:

Product Number: 39078TAG1-4
Product Name: Ox Tail
Overall Length: 4'
Number of Legs: N/A
Material Type: Rope
Adjustable: Yes
Protector: No
Protector Type: N/A
Red Wear Center: No
Ring Material: N/A
Weight: 1.4 lbs. / 2.8 lbs. 
Made in the USA?: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
OX BLOCK™ Instructions & Warnings
Ox Block™ Sling Instructions & Warnings