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Duke Buttons- BIGDUKE4

by Duke
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Each pack contains 4 buttons.

BOTTOM LINE, they work. Weve solved the problem of failing PPE! While guys are out working on energized lines, their buttons fail on them, and their sleeves fall down PPE failure! We all know that the buttons theyve been selling do not work. We have all used anything to keep our sleeves up. We all have used zip-ties, rope, super glue (inside of the orange buttons), and the worst Ive seen, tie-wire. We all know what happens when you dont use the right tool for the right job. People get hurt. Equipment gets destroyed. Companies lose money. Our goal is to solve these problems! So where current PPE has failed, BIG DUKE BUTTONS ARE A SUCCESS!

How our product started 

This button was designed by a Journeyman Lineman who has worked on Distribution systems all over the United States. He always had a problem with the buttons popping off on his sleeve and having them fall down. When sleeves fall down, the gloves fall down as well. This not only exposed his shoulders and arms to contact danger but it also created a loss of dexterity for his hands. It would always happen at the worst possible time! The standard for our industry failed. Driven by a desire to keep his sleeves and gloves up, he did what most every lineman has had to do at one point or another, use improper PPE. He used zip ties, tape, rope. He even saw some guys using tie wire. These were only temporary bandaids for a serious problem. More than one safety officer got on his case because all of these shortcuts were not only creating dangerous situations for the lineman but creating huge costs for the companies he was working for. Sleeves were not making it through inspections. More rubber change-outs, more cost. He continually asked for better ways to keep sleeves up but none existed. Enough was enough, he decided to do something about it. In the summer of 2012, he started thinking, and sketching, and designing something new. The initial creations were overcomplicated things that were not practical to use or cost-effective to make. 2012 to 2016 was full of attempts and disappointments. Reinventing the wheel was not going well.. then it occurred to him. Lets not reinvent the wheel, lets put a better tire on it! He trimmed all the moving parts, elastics, and multiple piece prototypes. Blue was born.

Now that the design was right it was on to the material. After extensive research and ten thousand conversations, he landed on Delrin. Rock hard and dielectric The first set was tested by the LIneman, then two other Journeyman Lineman were given sets. In the past year, the word of mouth wave has put Blue Buttons on over a hundred lineworkers workers, None have been returned. The prototypes are still in use. He did it. He solved the problem. He made it safer.