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FREE SHIPPING on orders $499+

Teufelberger 1/2" Safety Blue High-Vee 16 Strand - (87-537)

by Samson
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$193.58 - $807.53
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SKU 87-537-120

- Safety Blues High-Vee ropes are tightly plied, polyester 16-strand lines that offer a smooth, snag-resistant surface

- Polyolefin yarns in the core of each High-Vees cover strand reduce weight and improve handling

- Twisted parallel blue yarns, in a trademark blue core, allow the rope to stay firm and round while in use

- The core of the High-Vee also acts as a warning flag, if the cover is ever cut

- The tough, durable cover is treated with a protective finish that minimizes abrasion and maximizes rope life

-  The lower tensile strength difference of Safety Blue High-Vee is due to the color-dyed cover yarns

- 7,000 tensile