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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

Stanley- Hydraulic Ground Rod Driver (79-GD50132RF)

by Stanley
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SKU 79-GD50132RF

  • The Stanley GD50 Ground Rod Driver provides a competitive means of driving rods with proven, hard-hitting technology. The lifting eye allows the operator to suspend the driver above the rod with ease. The long side handles give the operator control during the driving process. The in-line valve in the 8-foot hose whips gives the operator On/Off control where he is standing. Both GD50 models have driving anvils which are designed to fit the rods which helps to minimize damage to the rod ends. The anvil which remains in contact with the rod while the hammer in the ground rod driver delivers its high energy blows to the anvil. The deep socket of the anvil keeps the driver from jumping off the end of the rod. The anvils are interchangeable, so that you can change the capacity of a ground rod driver by simply changing anvils. The removal of two bolts is all that is required to service the front end of the GD50.


ITEM                                               U.S.A                                  METRIC

CAPACITY (GD50132RF)-       1/2 and 5/8 in. Rod              12 and 16 mm Rod       

CAPACITY (GD50133RF)-        3/4 and 1 in. Rod              19 and 25 mm Rod 19 -       

FLOW RANGE-                           5 - 9 gpm 1500 -                           34 lpm

PRESSURE  -                                 2000 psi                               105 - 140 bar

PORTS-                                                 -8 SAE Straight Thread O-Ring

SYSTEM TYPE-                                       Open Center/Closed Center

WEIGHT-                                          52 LBS                                    24 KG

LENGTH-                                          25.5 in.                                  64.8 MM              

CONNECTION-                          3/8 in. Flush-Face Quick Disconnect Couplers  

HOSE WHIPS-                                                           YES