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The BuckSLAP™ - 3913

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The BuckSLAP™ (Stationary Line Anchor Point) is a new revolutionary anchor method developed in conjunction with Casey ‘RAY’ Crump an ISA Certified Arborist and Site Safety Project Manager for North American Training Solutions (NATS). Some people refer to this concept as a Flint-Lock system. Thought up as a floating anchor device to address issues with canopy anchors being difficult to retrieve after doing a single redirect but after endless hours of field testing, we have found the BuckSLAP™ provides incredible versatility. We found that the BuckSLAP™ takes current complex SRS anchoring methods/products and puts them into an ultra-compact, simple, and much more useful device. See below for full list of features and benefits.


  • Designed as a canopy anchor device for remote or manual installation in the canopy of a tree to provide an approved anchor.
  • Removes knots from the climber’s system and uses the full strength of a manufactured eye. Color coated in BuckViz™ Safety Green to reduce chance of miss-configuration and can be easily verified from the ground.
  • It engineers out hazard exposure by reducing components and complexity to a climber’s system, also adding better rescue readiness and reducing the potentials for failure.
  • Fast use on spar pole work as a choking false crotch, and it can retrieve very easily meaning no “spiking down”.
  • Acts as a floating anchor, meaning performs the same way a base tie would when retrieving after climber redirects.
  • Versatile, because if the tie-in is difficult to isolate the climber advances the system by simply unclipping and re-clipping their carabiner.
  • Can aid in rescue by preinstalling a second climbing line on the retrieval side; only if the victim is weighted in the working end, then a rescuer would be able to simply use the preinstalled line to access the tree.
  • Easy to understand concept, identifiable components, and very trainable to new climbers regarding use and how to rescue climbers using it.
  • The short 7.75” length increases your anchor stability by reducing slippage and increasing the cinching performance.
  • The large diameter aluminum Buck rings give the BuckSLAP™ a more preferred bend radius on your climbing line.

** Designed to be used by a person with a maximum weight of 350 lbs. when fully equipped.

**User Instructions/warnings included.

**To be used in conjunction with ANSI Z359.12 rated triple action carabiner.

Note: ensure the carabiner is oriented with the spine of the carabiner parallel to the climbing line so it will be loaded along its major axis (See instructions & Warnings)

**For personal use only. NOT for towing or hoisting.


Product Specifications:
Product Number: 3913
Product Name: BuckSLAP™ (Stationary Line Anchor Point)
Length: 7.75"
Width: 1″ Web, 2.75" wide Large Ring, 2.25" Small ring.
Weight: 6 oz.
Wear Protection Yes
Web Material: 1" Nylon Webbing
Ring Material: Aluminum
Ring Center Diameter: 1″ (Small) & 2″ (Large)
Ring Rating: 5,000 LBF. (23kN)
Weight Rating: 350 lbs. (When fully equipped). **To be used for human support only.
Standards: ANSI Z133.1 **Must be used in conjunction with ANSI Z359.12 rated triple action carabiner.
Made in USA Yes

Instructions & Warnings:
Buckslap Instructions