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The BuckStrap™ (3 pack) - 2508

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The BuckStrap™ is a non-conducive tie down strap designed to secure insulated blankets to energized conductors, potheads, poles, and a multitude of other components seen in the field each day. The non-stretch and non-absorbent properties ensure the BuckStrap™ is a safer substitute for blanket pins, wire ties, pee line, electrical tape, etc., when used in the above applications.


This product comes in a pack of three (3).

Meets and exceeds ASTM D-149 / 70KV (APPLIED VOLTAGE TEST)


The non-absorbent polyurethane construction eliminates the possibility of any stored energy related injuries involving bungee cords that may become disconnected and contacting the worker. The BuckStrap™ also eliminates many knife related injuries since knives are often used to cut pee line, rope and electrical tape that are used to secure insulated blankets. Also eliminates potential cuts to insulated goods and residue left on by electrical tape.



Product Number: 2508
Product Name: BuckStrap™
Length: 32"
Width: 3/4"
Weight: 2 oz.
Material: Non-absorbent polyurethane
WLL: 60 lbs. (exceeded 230 lbs. when tensile tested in a loop configuartion)
Minimum Wrap Diameter: 1.5"
Maximum Wrap Diameter: 9.5"
Connection/Application Type: Tongue Buckle
Standards: Meets and exceeds ASTM D-149 / 70KV
Made in the USA?: Yes



Buck Straps PN 2508 - Instructions & Warnings - 230516