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The Navigator™ with Retro 'Y' Harness - 1470H5

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SKU 1470H5-S

From fall arrest, to fall restraint, to work positioning, Buckingham’s Navigator™ tree saddle and harness combo covers it all. This saddle is the latest development in conjunction with the team at ArborMaster®.

This saddle-harness combination is rated for fall arrest so it can be used for fall protection in a bucket truck. This combo is ideal for those who like to transition from the bucket to the tree all while keeping you in compliance with OSHA standards.



  • Designed to fit a range of climbing styles and motions.
  • 4 elastic keepers make for a snug fit and limit loose webbing from your adjustment points from getting in the way of work or climbing.
  • Lightweight: just under 8 lbs.
  • Lightweight aluminum attachment carabiner for the harness.
  • Full floating suspension ring.
  • Specially designed air-flow leg pads to properly support you while suspended or positioning.
  • Dual rope bridge or option for a segmented pocket dual rope bridge.
  • Specially designed for DRT and SRT.
  • Cool-Flow™ shoulder padding that is extremely comfortable.
  • Lightweight aluminum dorsal & sternal D-rings.


Product Specifications:
Product Number: 1470H5
Product Name: The Navigator™ with Retro ‘Y” Harness
Saddle Product Specifications:
Model Number: 1470 (S-X)
Product Name: Navigator Saddle
Waist Strap Connection Type: Quick Connect Buckle
Suspension Adjustment Type: Friction Buckles
Leg Strap Connection Type: Quick Connect Buckles
Buckle Material: Aluminum
Number of Dee Rings: 2
D-ring Material: Aluminum
Belt Strap Material: Nylon
Back Pad Material: Compression Molded Padding
Accessory Snap / Ring: Yes
Floating Suspension Ring: Yes (5000 lbs. 1-7/8″ Eye Aluminum Ring)
Bridge Type: Double Rope Bridge (3/8" Static Line )
Bridge Length: 40"
Suspender Attachment Rings: Yes
Gear Loops/Hangers: Yes (4)
Chainsaw Hanger Slots: Yes
First Aid Pouch Storage Yes
Back Pad Width: 8″
Waist Strap Width: 1 3/4″
Thread / Stitching: Nylon
Product Type: Work Position
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Weight: 6.15 lbs.
Standards: ASTM F887
Made in the USA?: Yes
Retro Harness Product Specifications:
Product Name: Navigator™  Retro Fit "Y" Style Harness (REH5)
Part Number: REH5
Material: Nylon Web
Thread Stitching: Nylon
Torso Adjustment: Yes
Dorsal Attachment: Aluminum D-ring
Sternal Attachment Aluminum D-ring
Shoulder Pads: Yes
Shoulder Pad Type: Nylon Webbing / Elastic /Cool-Flow™ Padding
Harness Type: Y
Retrieval Attachments: No
Saddle Attachments: Aluminum Carabiner / Nylon Web w/ Friction Buckle
Size: One size fits most
Product Type: Fall Arrest | Fall Restraint | Suspension | Work Positioning
User Weight Capacity: Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.
Weight: 1.62 lbs.
Made in the USA?: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
Saddle Instructions