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The Reel-Safe

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The Reel-Safe is designed to securely prevent both large and small reels of wire from rolling across highways, parking lots, and jobsites. We have all seen the old ways of scotching wire reels with sticks and rocks and hoping nothing bumps into it causing a run away wire missle, those days are over. The Reel-Safe simply clamps down on both wooden and steel reels which mitigates the hazards and liability when reels of wire are offloaded. These are very durable tools designed to last forever. Each one is welded together using 3/8" angle iron with a 5/8" T- Bolt that clamps down on the reels. You could run over one with a digger truck and not bend it I believe. We chose Hi-Viz paint for this tool to make them more noticeable on jobsites and parking lots. 


We are making our jobsites safer one tool at a time!