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Free Shipping on orders over $499!*

TreeSqueeze™ 3.0

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SKU 7W08T18F7+J1

Introducing the TreeSqueeze™ 3.0, an innovative work positioning lanyard that allows for a secured ascent all the way up the tree, giving you all the safety and confidence needed when out in the field.

With the addition of the large steel thimble, the TreeSqueeze™ 3.0 is now midline attachable, as opposed to past models!


  • Large steel thimble that allows the TreeSqueeze™ 3.0 to be midline attachable.
  • Perfect for fall restraint work while positioned in a tree!
  • The TreeSqueeze™ 3.0 can be used as a choking lanyard system in event of gaff out.
  • Easily create tie-in point where natural tie-in doesn’t exist for fast and safe decent or self-rescue.
  • Doubles as a retrievable friction savor.