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TreEZSqueeze™ - 590LR1-120

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SKU 590LR1-120


Introducing the new TreEZSqueeze™, the best option in the tree care industry for fall restraint work while positioned in a tree. Ideal for use during takedowns and when a tree is not accessible by a bucket or any other means.

The TreEZSqueeze™ is the tree care industry's first Engineered System designed, tested, and proven to prevent falls in the event of a gaff out while working on a spar.

Tested and proven via the ASTM F887 standard

The only certified and engineered system in the Tree Care industry that has been tested and designed to meet the stringent ASTM F887 standards that require rigorous testing to prove and certify the system will help prevent and mitigate the risk of a fall with proper use & training of the product.


  • The easiest, most functional, and only engineered/proven Choking Lanyard System on the market.
  • Midline attachable for climbing over an obstruction.
  • Easily retrieve the system from the ground. No-Crash retrieval.
  • Easily create a tie-in point where a natural tie-in does not exist for fast and safe descent or self-rescue.
    • Easy and accessible descent or bailout option in case of emergency (like a beehive).
    • Quicker descent time to increase productivity.
  • Doubles as a retrievable friction savor.

Additional features:

  • An easy one-handed outer strap adjustment using Buckingham’s patented WebGrab™ with the new BuckHorn™ Adjustment Lever. With just a flick of the wrist, users can adjust the strap in and by simply tapping the BuckHorn™ they can adjust out.
  • Easy length adjustments for different spar diameters.
  • Newly positioned handle in the outer nylon strap to promote a more natural and ergonomic climbing motion that is also reinforced for more rigidity.
  • The outer nylon strap is rigid and easy to use. A simple flip of the wrist allows the climber to maneuver and ascend efficiently and most importantly, safely.
  • The outer nylon strap features a red warning center for easy identification when to take out of service.
  • Easily switched out for users that prefer the WebGrab™ on their left or right side.
  • The serrated roto snap will grab the tree in the event of a gaff out no matter if the tree is dead, has no bark, or is ash from being burnt.
  • Nothing ever needs to be untied or changed out while climbing, which ELIMINATES THE POTENTIAL EXPOSURE TO FALLS.
  • Aluminum triple locking carabiner for saddle connection.
  • 3,600 gate-rated hardware.

Product Specifications:
Product Number: 590LR1-120
Product Name: TreEZSqueeze™
Saddle Connector Type:    3,600 lb. Gate Rated Carabiner: DMM Klettersteig Locksafe
Saddle Connector Material: Aluminum
Inner Strap Length: 120′
Inner Strap Material: 1/2” 16 Strand Tuefelberger Arbor Elite Rope
Inner Adjustment Type: DMM Hitch Climber Pulley (5007P) w/ Prusik
Prusik Type: Eye to Eye
Compatible Friction Hitch Knots: Minimum/Required 4-Wrap/4-Coil:  VT [VALDOTAIN TRESSE] or DISTEL friction hitch only
Prusik Material: 10 mm Tuefelberger Ocean Polyester Hitch Cord
Prusik Length: 32″
Prusik & Climbing Line Features: High Heat Resistance for Safe descent
Outer Strap Length: 68″
Outer Strap Material: Neoprene Impregnated Nylon
Outer Strap Adjustment Type: Aluminum WebGrab™ w/ BuckHorn™
Red Wear Center: Yes: Outer Strap
Blue Wear Center: Yes: Climbing Line/Inner Rope
BuckHorn: Yes
Tree Size: Available in numerous length options depending on the diameter of tree’s being worked
Weight: 5.5 lbs.
User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Standards: ASTM F887
Made in the USA?: Yes


Instructions & Warnings:
TreEZSqueeze™ Instructions & Warnings



Technical Specs

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